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[VIP5] Tìm câu lệnh SQL chiếm tải trong Oracle Database

--cursor c_db is
            PLATFORM_NAME,CURRENT_SCN,FLASHBACK_ON,DB_UNIQUE_NAME, (select version from v$instance) version FROM v$database;

--    cursor c_ctl is
        SELECT name FROM v$controlfile;
--cursor c_backup is
            select start_time start_time1, to_char(start_time,'DAY dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi:ss') start_time, to_char(end_time,'DAY dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi:ss') end_time, output_device_type, status, input_type, round(compression_ratio,2) compression_ratio, 
                input_bytes_display, output_bytes_display, time_taken_display
            from v$rman_backup_job_details 
            where trunc(end_time)>=trunc(sysdate-7)
            order by start_time1 desc;     
--cursor c_redo is
        SELECT l.GROUP# group_no,l.thread# thread_no,l.sequence# sequence_no,l.BYTES/1024/1024 size_in_mb,l.MEMBERS logfile_member,l.status logfile_status,lf.member Log_member,NVL(lf.STATUS,'File is in use') log_status
        FROM v$logfile lf, v$log l WHERE l.GROUP#=lf.GROUP# ORDER BY l.GROUP#;
--cursor c_archive_log is
        select trunc(completion_time) completion_time, round(sum(blocks*block_size)/1024/1024/1024,2) archive_log_in_gb from V$ARCHIVED_LOG
            where trunc(completion_time) >= sysdate - 7
            --and trunc(completion_time)>= to_date(trunc(sysdate),'dd/mm/yyyy')
            and dest_id=1
            group by trunc(completion_time)
            order by trunc(completion_time) desc;
--cursor c_asm is
        select name, sector_size, block_size, state, type, round(total_mb/1024,2) total_gb , round(free_mb/1024,2) free_gb, 
            round(hot_used_mb/1024,2) hot_used_gb, round(cold_used_mb/1024,2) cold_used_gb, round(required_mirror_free_mb/1024,2) required_mirror_free_gb, 
            round(usable_file_mb/1024,2) usable_file_gb, voting_files
        from gv$asm_diskgroup where inst_id = 1 and state not in ('CLOSED','DISMOUNTED') order by name;

--cursor c_tbs is
           round( a.bytes_alloc/(1024*1024*1024)) Total_in_GB,
           round(a.physical_bytes/(1024*1024*1024)) Max_total_in_GB,
            round(nvl(b.tot_used,0)/(1024*1024*1024)) Used_in_GB,
            round((nvl(b.tot_used,0)/a.bytes_alloc)*100,2) used_percentage,
            (select status from dba_tablespaces where tablespace_name = a.tablespace_name) status
               sum(bytes) physical_bytes,
               sum(decode(autoextensible,'NO',bytes,'YES',maxbytes)) bytes_alloc
             from dba_data_files
             group by tablespace_name ) a,
            (select  tablespace_name, sum(bytes) tot_used
             from dba_segments
             group by tablespace_name ) b
         where  a.tablespace_name = b.tablespace_name (+)
         and a.tablespace_name not in (select distinct tablespace_name from dba_temp_files)
         and a.tablespace_name not like 'UNDO%'
         order by 5 desc;

--cursor c_schm is
        SELECT owner, size_in_gb FROM
            (SELECT owner, ROUND(SUM(bytes)/1024/1024/1024) size_in_gb FROM dba_segments
            WHERE owner NOT IN ('ANONYMOUS', 'BI', 'CTXSYS', 'DBSNMP', 'DIP', 'DMSYS', 'EXFSYS', 'HR', 'IX', 
                        'MDDATA', 'MDSYS', 'MGMT_VIEW', 'OE', 'OLAPSYS', 'ORDPLUGINS', 'ORDSYS', 'OUTLN', 'PM', 
                        'SCOTT', 'SH', 'SI_INFORMTN_SCHEMA', 'SYS', 'SYSMAN', 'SYSTEM', 'TSMSYS', 'WMSYS', 'XDB')
            GROUP BY owner
            ORDER BY 2 DESC)
            WHERE size_in_gb > 50;
--cursor c_sgm is
        SELECT segment_type,  ROUND(SUM(bytes)/1024/1024/1024) Size_GB
            FROM dba_segments
            GROUP BY segment_type
            ORDER BY 2 DESC;

--cursor c_table is
        SELECT owner, table_name,table_type, num_part, num_rows,  table_size, tablespace_name,last_analyzed FROM
            (SELECT owner, table_name,table_type, num_part, num_rows, table_size, tablespace_name,last_analyzed FROM
                    SELECT owner,table_name,'NON PARTITIONED' table_type, 1 num_part, nvl(num_rows,0) num_rows, 
                            nvl(ROUND(NVL(blocks,0)*(select to_number(block_size) from dba_tablespaces where tablespace_name = a.tablespace_name)/1024/1024/1024),0) table_Size, 
                            tablespace_name, last_analyzed 
                        FROM dba_tables a
                        WHERE partitioned = 'NO' and 
                            owner NOT IN ('ANONYMOUS', 'BI', 'CTXSYS', 'DBSNMP', 'DIP', 'DMSYS', 'EXFSYS', 'HR', 'IX', 'MDDATA', 'MDSYS', 'MGMT_VIEW', 
                                'OE', 'OLAPSYS', 'ORDPLUGINS', 'ORDSYS', 'OUTLN', 'PM', 'SCOTT', 'SH', 'SI_INFORMTN_SCHEMA', 'SYS', 'SYSMAN', 'SYSTEM', 'TSMSYS', 'WMSYS', 'XDB')
                    select table_owner, table_name, 'PARTITIONED' table_type, count(1) num_part, sum(num_rows) num_rows, round(sum(part_size)/1024/1024/1024,2) table_size, '' tablespace_name, 
                            max(last_analyzed) last_analyzed 
                            (select table_owner, table_name, nvl(num_rows,0) num_Rows, 
                                    nvl(NVL(blocks,0)*(select to_number(block_size) from dba_tablespaces where tablespace_name = b.tablespace_name),0) part_size, last_analyzed
                                from dba_tab_Partitions b where table_owner NOT IN ('ANONYMOUS', 'BI', 'CTXSYS', 'DBSNMP', 'DIP', 'DMSYS', 'EXFSYS', 'HR', 'IX', 'MDDATA', 'MDSYS', 'MGMT_VIEW', 
                                    'OE', 'OLAPSYS', 'ORDPLUGINS', 'ORDSYS', 'OUTLN', 'PM', 'SCOTT', 'SH', 'SI_INFORMTN_SCHEMA', 'SYS', 'SYSMAN', 'SYSTEM', 'TSMSYS', 'WMSYS', 'XDB'))
                        group by table_owner, table_name
            ORDER BY table_Size DESC)
        WHERE rownum <=20;
    cursor c_index is
        SELECT index_size,Ind_name,Tab_name,tablespace_name, Owner,Status,Analyzed FROM
            (SELECT ROUND(sum(s.bytes)/1024/1024/1024,2) index_size, i.owner Owner, i.index_name Ind_name, i.tablespace_name, i.table_name Tab_name, i.status Status, max(i.last_analyzed) Analyzed
                FROM dba_indexes i, dba_segments s
                    i.last_analyzed IS NOT NULL
                    group by i.owner, i.index_name, i.tablespace_name, i.table_name, status
                ORDER BY 1 DESC)
        WHERE rownum<=20;
    cursor c_invalid_obj is
        select owner, object_name, owner || '.' ||object_name full_name, object_type, to_char(last_ddl_time,'dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi:ss') last_ddl_time,status 
            From dba_objects 
            where status <> 'VALID' and owner in ('CDR_OWNER','KHUYENMAI','BAOCAO','BILL_CHECK')
            order by owner, object_name;
    cursor c_hit_ratio is
        SELECT a.inst_id, ROUND((1-(a.physical_reads)/((a.db_block_gets+a.consistent_gets)))*100,3) p_pool_hit_ratio,
                ROUND((1-(sum(b.getmisses)/(sum(b.gets)+sum(b.getmisses)))) * 100,3) p_Dictionary_cache_hit_ratio,
                ROUND((SUM(c.pins)/(SUM(c.pins)+SUM(c.reloads)))*100,3) p_Lib_Cache_Hit_Ratio , ROUND((sum(c.pinhits)/sum(c.pins))*100,3) p_Lib_Cache_Pin_Hit_Ratio
            FROM gv$buffer_pool_statistics a, gv$rowcache b, gv$librarycache c
            WHERE a.db_block_gets + a.consistent_gets > 0 and b.gets + b.getmisses <> 0 and a.inst_id = b.inst_id and a.inst_id = c.inst_id 
            group by a.inst_id,ROUND((1-(a.physical_reads)/((a.db_block_gets+a.consistent_gets)))*100,3) order by 1;

--cursor c_top_cpu is
       SELECT cpu_time,buffer_gets,disk_reads,executions,sql_id,sql_text
                (SELECT cpu_time, buffer_gets, disk_reads, executions, sql_id, dbms_lob.substr(sql_fulltext,3900,1) sql_text FROM v$sqlarea
                ORDER BY cpu_time DESC)
            WHERE rownum <=20;
--cursor c_top_buffer is
        SELECT cpu_time,buffer_gets,disk_reads,executions,sql_id,sql_text
            (SELECT cpu_time, buffer_gets, disk_reads, executions, sql_id, dbms_lob.substr(sql_fulltext,3900,1) sql_text FROM v$sqlarea
        ORDER BY buffer_gets DESC)
        WHERE rownum <=20;
--cursor c_top_disk is
        SELECT cpu_time,buffer_gets,disk_reads,executions,sql_id,sql_text
            (SELECT cpu_time, buffer_gets, disk_reads, executions, sql_id,  dbms_lob.substr(sql_fulltext,3900,1) sql_text FROM v$sqlarea
        ORDER BY disk_reads DESC)
        WHERE rownum <=20;
--cursor c_top_exec is
        SELECT cpu_time,buffer_gets,disk_reads,executions,sql_id,sql_text
            (SELECT cpu_time, buffer_gets, disk_reads, executions, sql_id,  dbms_lob.substr(sql_fulltext,3900,1) sql_text FROM v$sqlarea
        ORDER BY executions DESC)
        WHERE rownum <=20;
--Cost cao
            (SELECT cpu_time, buffer_gets, disk_reads, executions, sql_id,physical_read_bytes, physical_read_requests, optimizer_cost, dbms_lob.substr(sql_fulltext,3900,1) sql_text FROM v$sqlarea
            where optimizer_cost is not null            
            ORDER BY optimizer_cost DESC)
            WHERE rownum <=20;
select * from  v$sqlarea;
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