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Các công cụ quản trị cơ sở dữ liệu Oracle DBA cần dùng thành thạo

1.    Tools for installation and upgrade:
Oracle Universal Installer (OUI):
Installs your Oracle software and options; can automatically launch the Database Configuration Assistant to create a database
Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA):
Creates a database from Oracle-supplied templates, enabling you to copy a preconfigured seed database (Alternatively, you can create your own database and templates.)
Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA):
Guides you through the upgrade of your existing database to a new Oracle release
Oracle Net Manager (netmgr):
Configures network connectivity for your Oracle databases and applications
Oracle Net Configuration Assistant (NetCA):
A graphical, wizard-based tool—used to configure and manage Oracle Network configurations

2.    Tools are used to manage your Oracle instance and database:
Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM)
Combines a graphical console, agents, common services, and tools to provide an integrated and comprehensive system management platform for managing Oracle products. After you have installed the Oracle software,created or upgraded a database, and configured the network, you can use EM as the single interface for managing your database. In addition to providing a Web-based user interface for executing SQL commands, it interfaces with other Oracle components that are used to administer your database (for example, Recovery Manager and Scheduler).

• The main EM tools that are used to administer an Oracle database are:
- Enterprise Manager Database Console: To administer one database
- Enterprise Manager Grid Control: To administer many databases at the same time
Server Control Utility (srvctl)
Standard command-line interface that can be used to start and stop the database and instances, manage ASM instances, manage configuration information, and move or remove instances and services. You can also use SRVCTL to add services and manage configuration information.
Standard command-line interface for managing your database
Recovery Manager (RMAN)
Oracle tool that provides a complete solution for the backup, restoration, and recovery needs of the entire database or of specific database files
Data Pump:
Enables the high-speed transfer of data from one database to another (For example, you may want to export a table and import it into another database.)
Enables the loading of data from an external file into an Oracle database;
one of several Oracle utilities that you can use to load data into database tables
Command-line tools
- To administer Enterprise Manager:
emctl start | status | stop dbconsole

- To administer the listener:
lsnrctl start | status | stop
3.    Tool 3rd:
Dùng cho admin
SQL Navigator:
Dùng cho viết thủ tục PL/SQL, cập nhật thủ tục (chỉ cần Save vào là OK)
Oracle SQL Developer


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