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Các tài liệu cần thiết cho DBA theo chuẩn Oracle hãng

Get Started
2 Day + Performance Tuning Guide
2 Day DBA
Oracle Database 2 Day + Security Guide

Most Popular
Database Administrator's Guide
Database Concepts
Database Performance Tuning Guide
Database Reference
Error Messages
SQL Tuning Guide
Backup and Recovery
Database Backup and Recovery Reference
Database Backup and Recovery User's Guide
Clients for Database Administration
SQL*Plus Quick Reference
SQL*Plus Release Notes
SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference
Network Management
Net Services Administrator's Guide
Net Services Reference
Database Development Guide
Database PL/SQL Language Reference
Database PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference
SQL Language Quick Reference
SQL Language Reference
Automatic Storage Management Administrator's Guide
Testing Guide
UNIX and Windows Database Administration
Administrator's Reference for Linux and UNIX-Based Operating Systems
Administrator's Reference Guide for Microsoft Windows

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