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OEM emca Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/emca [operation] [mode] [dbType] [flags] [parameters]
emca -h or emca --h or emca -help or emca --help    -- prints this help message
emca -version      -- prints the version
emca -config dbcontrol db [-repos (create | recreate)] [-cluster] [-silent] [-backup] [parameters]        -- configure Database Control for a database
emca -config dbcontrol db
emca -config dbcontrol db -repos recreate
emca -config centralAgent (db | asm) [-cluster] [-silent] [parameters]        -- configure central agent management
emca -config centralAgent db
emca -config all db [-repos (create | recreate)] [-cluster] [-silent] [-backup] [parameters]    -- configure both Database Control and central agent management
emca -deconfig dbcontrol db [-repos drop] [-cluster] [-silent] [parameters]        -- de-configure Database Control
emca -deconfig dbcontrol db
emca -deconfig centralAgent (db | asm) [-cluster] [ -silent] [parameters]        -- de-configure central agent management
emca -deconfig centralAgent db
emca -deconfig all db [-repos drop] [-cluster] [-silent] [parameters]        -- de-configure both Database Control and central agent management
emca -reconfig ports [-cluster] [parameters]        -- explicitly reassign Database Control ports
emca -reconfig dbcontrol -cluster [-silent] [parameters]       -- reconfigures RAC Database Control deployment

emca -displayConfig dbcontrol -cluster [-silent] [parameters]        -- displays information about the RAC Database Control configuration 

emca -addNode (db | asm) [-silent] [parameters]           -- configure OEM for a newly added node for a database
emca -deleteNode (db | asm) [-silent] [parameters]        -- de-configure EM for for a database on node getting deleted
emca -addInst (db | asm) [-silent] [parameters]           -- configure EM for a new RAC instance
emca -deleteInst (db | asm) [-silent] [parameters]        -- de-configure OEM for a specified RAC instance
emca -migrate -from dbcontrol -to centralAgent  [-repos drop] [-cluster] [-silent] [parameters]   -- migrates EM configuration from Database Control to central agent
emca -upgrade (db | asm | db_asm) [-cluster] [-silent] [parameters]        -- upgrades an earlier version of the EM configuration to the current version
emca -restore (db | asm | db_asm) [-cluster] [-silent] [parameters]        -- restores the current version of the EM configuration to an earlier version
emca -updateTargets crs [-silent] [parameters]        -- updates new crs home for all dbcontrol and central agents on crs upgrade
emca -repos create
emca -repos drop
Parameters and Options:
[parameters]: [ -respFile fileName ] [ -paramName paramValue ]* 
db: perform configuration operation for a database (including databases that use ASM)
asm: perform configuration operation for an ASM-only instance
db_asm: perform upgrade/restore operation for a database and an ASM instance
-repos create: create a new Database Control repository
-repos drop: drop the current Database Control repository
-repos recreate: drop the current Database Control repository and recreate a new one
-cluster: perform configuration operation for a RAC database
-silent: perform configuration operation without prompting for parameters
-backup: configure automatic backup for a database
Parameters for single instance databases
ORACLE_HOSTNAME: Local hostname
SID: Database SID
PORT: Listener port number
HOST: Listener Host
HOST_USER: Host username for automatic backup
HOST_USER_PWD: Host user password for automatic backup
BACKUP_SCHEDULE: Automatic backup schedule (HH:MM)
EMAIL_ADDRESS: Email address for notifications
MAIL_SERVER_NAME: Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server for notifications
ASM_USER_ROLE: ASM user role
ASM_USER_PWD: ASM user password
SRC_OH: ORACLE_HOME for the database to be upgraded
DBSNMP_PWD: Password for DBSNMP user
SYSMAN_PWD: Password for SYSMAN user
SYS_PWD: Password for SYS user
DBCONTROL_HTTP_PORT: Database Control HTTP port
AGENT_PORT: EM agent port
RMI_PORT: RMI port for Database Control
JMS_PORT: JMS port for Database Control
EM_SWLIB_STAGE_LOC:  Software library location
PORTS_FILE: Path to a static file specifying the ports to use (Default value : ${ORACLE_HOME}/install/staticports.ini)
Additional Parameters for cluster databases
CLUSTER_NAME: Cluster name
DB_UNIQUE_NAME: Database unique name
SERVICE_NAME: Service name
EM_NODE: Database Control node name
EM_NODE_LIST: Agent Node list [comma separated]

Note: For Desktop Class Install always pass parameter ORACLE_HOSTNAME as "localhost" to any emca command

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